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Welcome to Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary!

Cultivating A Healing  Oasis for Animals and Humans 


Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary (LPHS) has created a number of offerings that connect the public with the animals and the sanctuary! 

Book a sanctuary tour to meet our rescues and learn about them in-depth! 

Volunteer your time during the week. 

Join our summer camp program or hop in on a random animal care learning session! 


When you visit the sanctuary, you will meet a number of animals who have found their way home to LPHS & get to live out their lives safely and with lots of love.​

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary is dedicated to giving animals of all kinds a beautiful life - this includes proper health care, unique feeding plans, enrichment and so much more. 


To make lasting and widespread change, Little Patch of Heaven Sanctaury has dedicated their services to spread knowledge and awareness of animals to the general public through learning programs for adults and children, hands on sanctuary tours and much more! 

Tortoise Summer Camp


Little Patch Learning Path Programs, Summer Camps, Day Camps, etc. are carefully curated programs designed for children aged 4 to 17.


Our lesson plans are constantly evolving and can be deeply impactful. 

How We Guide Our Lesson Planning: 

Building Socio-Emotional Skills and Health Through Storytelling, Mindfulness, Building Bonds, Practicing Awareness and Movement Activities​

Traditional Living Skills: Gardening, Foraging, Raising and Maintaining Chickens, etc.

Self-Awareness Through Movement, Song, and Mindfulness Practices

Building Community and Finding Peace through Animal care and Upkeep, Animal Rescue and Fundraising through Group and  Beach Cleanups


Incorporating the New Age: Living Life Beyond Plastics and Preservatives 

Current Projects

A Healing Oasis for
Animals and Humans

Around the Sanctuary

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