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Pediatric Stroke Awareness

Spreading awareness is an amazing way for people everywhere to learn about the Pediatric stroke. Early diagnosis and treatment of Pediatric Stroke will drastically alter a child's ability to survive and thrive in their life.


Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary strives to create a safe space for all children, teens and adults to find healing and peace by using the ancient ways of tending to the earth and her creatures. 



I am Strong, Resilient, Clever and I love Helping Rescue Animals

  When Arianna was about 6 months old her parents could tell something was impacting her ability to use her right hand. Her right hand was kept in a fist and she would not utilize it.  

Arianna received an MRI which detected that she survived a stroke in utero and was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After diagnosis, Arianna started therapy immediately and she has come very far in her journey. 

Arianna's journey has required her to summon inexplicable amount of inner strength - she is the true definition of a warrior! 

You can always find Arianna brushing the animals, cleaning stalls and cages or helping a new rescue transition into their new life. It takes a truly gifted person to give out the amount of love Arianna does to each animal. Thank you, Ari! 


Meet My Family

Arianna's Journey at Little Patch

"When we first started at the farm, she was feeling sad! Noticing different things about herself, and we wanted to help her. So we heard about Blazing Saddles (LPHS)  and I contacted them to see if we can volunteer.

They welcomed us with open arms and we started volunteering and noticed such an amazing change. She was so much happier. She went to the farm once or twice a week to help volunteer with her sister and myself. She goes in there, picks up those rakes, shovels the poop, talks to the animals and sometimes bosses people around. we are truly thankful for everyone at this amazing farm.

Our family has always loved spreading awareness and helping local nonprofit organizations. So in 2023 we raised money to go to the animals at the farm, and now for 2024 we will be having a first annual special event in honor of pediatric stroke awareness to give back to those beautiful animals that helped my daughter build her confidence back up.

They are nonprofit is called Little patch Of Heaven sanctuary and we are truly blessed to be part of this amazing nonprofit organization." - Patricia 

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary Presents

Purple Ribbon Day

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Thank you to our amazing sponsors for allowing us to put this event together! 


Quality Flooring that Gives Back


Veteran Owned Home Improvement


Thank you to our talented vendors for sharing their work during this event together! 


The Dusty Rose


 Event Schedule 

10am - 11am: Meet Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man in the School House Barn!

10am - 11am: Meet Princess Belle in the Main Barn 

11am - 12pm: Slime Making with Arianna and Viktorya in the Main Barn

11am - 12pm: Self-Guided Crafts in the Small Barn

12pm - 1pm: Magic Show by

Steven Entertainment


Become a Sponsor 

Sponsorship Perks

Sponsorship of $100 - $300: Your Business or Message on our Website & Free Attendance to May 5th Event.

Sponsorship of $350 - $650: Your Business or Message on our Facebook Posts & Welcome Guides. This package also includes all prior package perks. 

Sponsorship of $700 - $950: Yard Signs will be Made to Shout-Out our Gratitude for Your Business or Message. This package includes all prior package perks. 

Sponsorship of $1000 or more: Your Business or Message will be Added to our 2024 Summer Camp Shirts, Free Attendance for 10 guests for every event in 2024. This package includes all prior perks. 

Why is the bunny garden named "The Purple Ribbon Building?"


Pediatric Stroke Awareness

What Does Purple Ribbon Stand For?

The Purple Ribbon is dedicated to the warriors who have experienced a Pediatric Stroke. 

We honor the Bunny Garden Project with the name "The Purple Ribbon Building" to continuously spread awareness to everyone who visits the sanctuary about pediatric stroke. 

Quick Awareness Facts: 

  • Stroke can occur before birth as well as any other early stage of life.

  • Most people are unaware that the risk of stroke is highest in the first year of life and peaks during the few weeks before and after birth.

Signs of Stroke in Infants and Children: 

  • Favoring of one side - leg, arm, hand, etc.

  • Delays in Developmental Milestones: rolling, sitting, walking, etc. 

  • Unwillingness to bare weight on one side or walking on tip-toes

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