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We Need Your Help

We urgently need your financial support as we have had an influx of new animals in need of our help arrive at LPHS in the past two months.


Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help provide the animals at LPHS with the diet they need to continue their healing and live a healthy life. Your donation will make an immediate impact.

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Feed Cost Breakdown


100 Bales Needed Every Week

$11 per bale

$4,400 per month

The sanctuary runs on hay! Hay is the single most important part of almost ever farmed and exotic animal living on the sanctuary! 

Grains and Feeds

20 Bags Needed Every month

$10 - $75 per bag

Approx. $600 per month 

Grains are integral to support animals that have been malnourished or facing health issues! Some animals mainly rely on grain to fulfill their dietary needs. 


45 Bags Needed Every month

$7.70 per bag

$350 per month 

Bedding is an essential for keeping enclosures dry, comfy and clean!

$5,350.00+ in feed per month

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