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Our Impact

We believe that every person deserves to experience the healing connection of nature and animals. Together we create a beautiful oasis for the animals that need our help! 


Rescue & Rehabilitation

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary is home to over 130+ rescue farmed and exotic animals! 

When new rescues arrive our team sets out on a mission to create a plan for their success.

We discuss their nutritional, socio-emotional, physical and enrichment needs and invite our community in to fulfill their success plan! 

Foster Services

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary is has fostered over 50 animals through other rescue organizations. 

LPHS serves as an amazing starting point for horses, cats, and bunnies as they receive customized care plans and attention from our community.

We do our best for preparing the animals for their new homes and the adopters for their new family members. 


Bunny & Guinea Pig

Our community of animal loving volunteers, students and supporters have allowed us to secure the best homes possible for 20 bunnies and 8 Guinea Pigs!

LPHS will serve as a permanent home for bunnies that would benefit from our care due to their temperament, life experiences or ability to interact with the public! 

Youth Programs

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary has cultivated programs that inspire the youth of South Coast to connect with nature and animals deeply. 

Our students learn about them selves and their own voices as they spend time alone and guided with animals and in nature. 

Our programs guide over 200 children yearly to focus on topics of compassion, animal rescue, awareness raising, sustainability, and animal care and connection.  


A Safe Healing Space

Arianna is a pediatric stroke warrior - she survived a stroke in utero and has cerebral palsy.

Little Patch of Heaven has served as a space for her to complete tasks that help the animals ultimately assisting her in building her strength and her confidence in herself and her abilities. 

She has made a lasting impression on every animal she cares for here and has supported their healing journey by sharing her wisdom and love to each rescue.

 A Comfy Space for All Abilities

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary has found that adults and children with varying disabilities benefit greatly from spending time with the animals and having animal care jobs/tasks to look forward to weekly. 

We have 1 disabled adult on summer staff that could use these services weekly year round. 

In the Works:

1. A highly anticipated program to bring more animal care jobs and connection to disabled adults across South Coast. To make this possible we need to fund the employment cost of each disabled adult on staff and an additional staff member to assist with task completion and time management. 

2. A highly transformative program to guide children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities through animal care and connection to inspire peace and further healing!

Animal care tasks inspire us to show up even on our hardest days. For children with varying physical, mental and emotional abilities these tasks also act as a way to naturally practice life skills that build stamina, resilience and motivation. 

If you feel called to donate, collaborate or donate your time to make these programs more readily availble please contact Alexis at 617.838.6501

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