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Bunny Garden Project
The Purple Ribbon Building

In order to house more bunnies and provide specialty care we need to upgrade our current bunny facility. We will be creating a new building with a connected green house which will act as our enclosed "bunny garden" to meet the growing needs of our bunnies. 

Project Goals: 

  1. Larger Indoor Enclosures with Ample Space for Exercise

  2. Outdoor Greenhouse Equipped with Bunny Safe Plants and Enrichment Activities 

  3. A Small Shed for Extra Storage Space 

  4. New Feeders, Water Dispensers, Litter Boxes, Air Purifiers, Refrigerator and Enrichment Activites/Toys

The Purple Ribbon Building will be large enough to house approx. 30 bunnies comfortably.  This building will also be used to host events in to help bring awareness to the general public as well as create a space for members of our community to connect to the healing nature of bunnies. We plan to host classes in this beautiful space to educate folks on bunny care and ownership. Once the project is completely over and all bunnies are transferred to their new housing - we hope to donate our current housing to locals who are looking to adopt a bunny. 

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Why is the bunny garden named "The Purple Ribbon Building?"


Pediatric Stroke Awareness

What Does Purple Ribbon Stand For?

The Purple Ribbon is dedicated to the warriors who have experienced a Pediatric Stroke. 

We honor the Bunny Garden Project with the name "The Purple Ribbon Building" to continuously spread awareness to everyone who visits the sanctuary about pediatric stroke. 

Quick Awareness Facts: 

  • Stroke can occur before birth as well as any other early stage of life.

  • Most people are unaware that the risk of stroke is highest in the first year of life and peaks during the few weeks before and after birth.

Signs of Stroke in Infants and Children: 

  • Favoring of one side - leg, arm, hand, etc.

  • Delays in Developmental Milestones: rolling, sitting, walking, etc. 

  • Unwillingness to bare weight on one side or walking on tip-toes

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