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Our Mission

Cultivating a Peaceful Oasis for Animals & People 

Little Patch of Heaven Sanctuary (LPHS) is dedicated to giving animals of all kinds a beautiful life - this includes proper health care, unique feeding plans, enrichment and so much more. 


To make lasting and widespread change, Little Patch has dedicated their services to spread knowledge and animal interactions to the public. 


Rescue. Rehabilitate. Educate.

Animals who find their way home to us may have experienced a number of different traumas during their life journey - they may be experiencing physical ailments or may be grieving the loss of their previous home. 

When our animal friends come to live or heal here they come from all types of situations not just abuse or neglect - in many cases they had a loving home that just could no longer support them! 

We dedicate our time to help each animal relieve their pains and step into their new life - we give them space and room to heal! 

It is important to us to make sure all of our farm friends receive veterinary care, dental care, consistent grooming and emotional/energetic support. 



A Sanctuary for Rescued Animals

Our animal residents are made up of both farmed and exotic rescued animals.

Where have our residents been 'rescued' from? 

Our residents come from many different types of situations such as: 

1. Neglect & Abuse Situations

2. Auction to Slaughter Pipelines 

3. Death, Chronic illness or Aging of an Owner 

4. Owner Surrender 

5. Housing or Job Loss/Change 

6. Allergies

7. Animal Hoarding

8. Accidental Breeding

9. Divorce

10. Misinformed Buyers/Adopters

11. Folks Following Animal Trends 



A Place for Healing and Second Chances

Our animal residents have gone through their own personal traumas and pains - they just have no way of communicating their needs besides using their behavior!

How do we help 'rehabilitate' our residents? 

We use a number of practices to aide their physical, mental and emotional health: 

1. Veterinary Care

2. Dental Care 

3. Hoof/Feet Care 

4. Animal Energy Healing (Reiki) 

5. Enrichment Activities 

6. Training 

7. Connecting Residents with Children 

8. Specialty Diets 

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Connecting People to Animals & Nature

At Little Patch we create offerings that connect people to the rescued residents and to nature!​​

We have carefully curated a number of offerings that we bring to the general public such as: 

1. Summer Camp for Children & Teens (2024) 

2. Animal Care Program for Disabled Adults 

3. Basic Care Class for Rabbit Owners

4. Ground Work Class for Passionate Horse People

5. Compassion Kids After School Program for Children and Teens (Launch Sept. 2024) 

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