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Show Everyone That You/Your Team Gives Back

We are so excited to share with our visitors the willingness of your company, small business or corporation to sponsor important causes that are presented within the South Coast community.

When you choose to support Little Patch you are supporting the 100's of rescue farmed and exotic animals, positive youth programs that connect over 300 children annually to nature and all people in search of a place of peace, healing and safety. 

We value your contribution to the communities you serve and are apart of!

Kids with animals

Sponsorship Perks

Sponsoring Little Patch has its perks! 

Not only are your donations tax deductible but we find new ways to shout out your generosity. 

We also offer the option for people without businesses to sposnor a postiove message instead of logo! Example: memorial of passed on family member or pet, your social media, or your favorite quotes or art! 

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Horse Feed
Bunny Feed
Animal Bedding

Sponsor Feed 

This program needs urgent support! 


100 Bales Needed Every Week

$11 per bale

$1,100 per month

The sanctuary runs on hay! Hay is the single most important part of almost ever farmed and exotic animal living on the sanctuary! 

Grains and Feeds

20 Bags Needed Every month

$10 - $75 per bag

$600 per month 

Grains are integral to support animals that have been malnourished or facing health issues! Some animals mainly rely on grain to fulfill their dietary needs. 


45 Bags Needed Every month

$7.70 per bag

$350 per month 

Bedding is an essential for keeping enclosures dry, comfy and clean!

Pediatric Stroke Awareness
Event Sponsor

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