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Animal Wish-Lists

An extremely unique and helpful way to impact the animals lives on the sanctuary is to go through their Amazon wish-lists and send them a gift that will support them. 

Our wish-lists are made up of hand picked items that benefit the animals physical, emotional and mental well being! These are items are all very useful and any of our animal residents would be more than happy to receive a gift on their list. 

bunny website .png


Support the needs of the bunnies by shopping on this wish-list! We are creating a new bunny garden and with your help - these items will play a crucial role in the building of this new project! 


Support the needs of the horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and mini's on the farm! The sanctuary is home to over 20 equine friends who you will fall in love with when you visit. 



Support the needs of the cows and zebus on the farm! Our cows and zebus are always looking for fun things to do in their enclosures and could make great use of new toys and back scratching devices. 


Support the needs of the pigs on the sanctuary! Our pigs need `items to support their skincare routines and their high need for brain stimulating toys! 



When new rescues are coming in there are plenty of materials that we need to prepare, for example: new halters for horses that do not come with them, snacks for the car ride and transporting carrying cases for bunnies, cats, & other small animals! 

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