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Phone CallstoHeaven

Visit the phone booth at the Sanctuary to leave a message for your loved ones who have crossed the rainbow bridge.


This phone booth and space serves as a nature based place for visitors to honor, connect with and grieve  their passed on loved ones and pets.


Here, grief is surrounded by new beginnings and hope.  You can witness our rescue animals tell their own stories of coexisting with grief, loss, abandonment and fear and stepping into their power of  resilience. 

Little Patch intends on continuing to create a space for visitors to honor animals and humans who have passed on and a safe space for folks to grieve surrounded by the healing energy of nature and animals. 

All folks are welcome to leave pictures, memories, letters and floral offerings in honor of those who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  

What is Grief?

Grief is a healthy and normal response to loss.

Typically we see grief only as a response to the death of a family member, friend or pet but as living beings we naturally grieve all of the forms of loss that can be experienced.


Some examples may include the ending of an important relationship, the ending of an era or stage in our life, moving from one place to another, chronic illness or changes in ability, leaving a faith/spiritual identity, honoring the past versions of oneself before, during or after trauma, etc. 

No loss or change is trivial! Every experience should be honored.

Supressing Grief

 Many folks attempt to suppress grief but it begs to be felt.


Suppression may be the only way we can imagine "getting through" the situation. Sometimes current life circumstances such as living situations, compounding events, responsibilities, etc. do not allow for a space or a safe place for grieving to take place.


At Little Patch we see suppression as one step that many folks encounter along their journey navigating loss. Some experiences people will grieve decades after they experience them and that is okay, healthy and normal. 

Feeling into the experience of loss may help integrate the love or wisdom that exists within the depths of this journey into daily life.


Hope, peace, and joy is possible. 

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love.It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot.All that unspent love gathers up in thecorners of your eyes, the lump in your throat,and in that hollow part of your chest.Grief is just love with no place to go.”- Jamie Anderson


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